What You’ll Learn and Experience In This Masterclass

  • Participate in a life-expanding 25-minute guided Group Immersion and Activation experience, as Regan helps you recode and rewire yourself energetically at the deepest level for supreme financial abundance, wealth and prosperity.

  • Experience Regan’s powerful “Vision Beyond Vision” exercise to rapidly expand your abundance containers & your energetic capacity to receive more.

  • Learn how to use different White Patterns, Frequencies and Vibrations to pull abundance into your reality effortlessly and easily.

  • The #1 mistake most people make when it comes to manifesting financial abundance (or anything else).

  • Discover how to become more aligned in your physical world so you can manifest financial abundance ever faster.

  • Discover how to increase the money inflow in your day-to-day reality by expanding your energetic container.

  • Revealed: Why and how multi-millionaires do less and receive more.

  • Tales of financial abundance, transformations, growth and success. What happens when you start expanding your energetic contains and capacity to receive more? See a few real-life stories from real people. You’ll be inspired, and understand that higher level of financial abundance is just an energy shift away.

  • And much, much more.